Why Choose Google for Business Seriously?

Give your business a new height with Google My Business

Google My Business is a free tool that helps Google listings to start and manage small businesses so that customers can see the business on Google search or map. This helps in attracting new customers and sharing their strengths.



Benefits of Listing Business on Search and Map

Today 3 out of 4 customers find a business online, and 7 out of 10 people buy something from a business found through search engines. Listing your business on Google means that when someone searches related to it, they will see your business and they will take interest in you and contact you.

Today, crores of businesses are on the map in India and are directly connecting with customers. For example, 30% of the customers of Ahmedabad’s Forsite School come from Google and the school keeps on managing its reviews and regularly posting information about its special offers and events.

How Google My Business is helpful in growing your business Google My Business can attract more customers. This way you can increase business.

i.Look different by sharing the latest and important information: When customers search online, they compare directions, opening hours, photos and offers, etc. You can tell what is special in your business by putting photos, information offers, etc.

ii.Connect with customers: Customers share the story, post a review and connect with you directly from their phone. Google My Business gives you the opportunity to tell about your business. Answer the reviews, messages, and queries of the customers and calls from interested customers will come automatically to you.

iii.Create a free mobile-optimized website in 10 minutes: With Google My Business you can create a great website. You can edit this free website from a computer or mobile. This will also let you know which photo the customer liked more and where the customer came from.

iv.You can find out how customers find you: Google My Business gives you information about how customers find you and how they interact with your listing. You can track how many searches came in your business, request for phone calls and directions. This will also let you know which photo the customer liked more and where the customer came from.


Need to get your business verified in Google My Business?

You should get the content verified on Google map, search and Google. By verifying, the customer gets to know the information of the business is completely correct, you manage it yourself and it can reach you. Until you do the verification, you can only edit some information. Verified business is a kind of reputed business.


How can I list the business on Google?

You can list your business on Google through these 5 ways…

Go to Google My Business and sign up and create a new listing.

Type the business name and address in the search box. Choose a listing from a prepared match or create a new listing and fill in the required information. Verify Your Business: Google will verify your business whether or not your business is where you said it is. You will also get a postcard for PIN verification in 1-2 weeks.

Due to the correct information on phone and mail ID, photo, review etc., when the customer searches online, then his attention will be drawn. According to Google’s research, customers like to spend 50% more than any business that has full casting. Positive reviews, photos, offers are also important, this will help the customer to choose your business.

We are telling you some ways to target the right customers.

A.Claim your Google My Business Listing: Search Google and see if your business appears in the local listing, you can claim your business listing and verify that you are the owner.

B. Create a complete profile: When you create a Google My Business page, enter information such as an address, phone number, opening hours and website.

C.Ask customers to share reviews: About 90% of buyers believe that they decide to buy something from the business after seeing positive reviews. You … Yourself

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