A Team of Visual Content Creators

Here in Actovis Corp, We follow the path of Integrity, Our special creative team can create tailor-made compelling videos for your company. Every work created by us is a unique idea, embodied in the life by talented Creators, Editors and Designers!


Create excitement among customers or clients and create hype by producing teasers. We can create short videos for your upcoming products or services or for any video projects you want to, beautifully edited with music.

Profile Videos

Creating a beautifully edited profile video enhances the visibility. We can do from shoot to edit of your profile videos that can put a mark.

Business Advertisements

Changing thinking patterns or buying behavior of the recipient we create influencing advertisement videos for your products or services.

Corporate Videos

Video content has become more effective form of communication is it for investor relations or boosting corporate image, executive proposal video or testimonial video everything represents and builds the image of the company. Our special creative team can create tailor-made compelling corporate video for your company.

Promotional Videos

Telling about your services and products through the medium of videos can create more impressions in the minds of the customers. We provide creative out of the box thoughts and ideas in promoting your products and services reaching it to your customer base.

Youtube Videos

Short videos for corporate, promotion, teasers etc. can have far reaching effects on social medias. We help our clients in creating short videos to showcase it on new age social media platforms.

Branding Videos

Business video content is becoming a market need. A video can communicate and enhance the brand value of any business. Our team can create vlogs, vines, event videos, short interviews and presentations , which can increase your brand Value.

TV Shows

Our team and crew is creative and capable of creating ideas and produce vibrant TV shows for TV channels that can engage viewers. We can start off from developing concepts to directing and final editing with music and delivering of show.

Business Interviews

Our Task Is Executed In Lucid Fashion; There Is No Task Hidden From The Client.