Our deep strategy, operational, digital and cultural expertise help clients across industries shape their future, accelerate transformation and build a foundation for long-term growth.



Leveraging Digital tools and technologies, our digital business services team helps organizations in their transformational journey to improve customer experience and profitability. Actoviscorp works with enterprises throughout their digital journey to maximize the value of their digital investments.


Actoviscorp’s digital experience strategies, combined with a human-centric approach, empowers businesses to design intuitive, frictionless experiences for the digital age. Our comprehensive solutions, backed by user research, usability analysis, and rich technology expertise, help you deliver winning customer experiences.


Our Application Integration Services provide efficient and cost-effective methodologies to assimilate heterogeneous enterprise IT landscape, eliminating the need for radical changes to the existing IT infrastructure and data structures. Get manageable and streamlined organizational processes with stability, scalability, and performance of the system as a whole.

Digital Consulting

Our digital consulting services realign the traditional business models and technology landscape to create more consistent and engaging digital experience across all the business touch points.


We work collaboratively with you to develop intuitive, integrated, and multifaceted CRM solutions using the latest technologies and platforms while ensuring reduced operational cost and faster time-to-market.


We offer excellent ERP software development services in accordance to your specific business needs. We have built a number of successful ERP projects with the help of our professional ERP developers.



Our Team shall support End-To-End Azure Cloud Managed Services and Governance With AIOps-Powered Cloud Operations


With the stupendous rise of the cloud computing and AWS emerging as the market leaders with its all inclusive solutions, the industry is steeping itself more in to the AWS way of doing things.


Rather than hiring an expensive internal Salesforce administrator or an outside firm to complete a specific project, changeover, or any other business unit requirements, a retained outsourced professional or services team is brought in.



Unexpected or problematic behaviour of the software has real business implications. Actoviscorp’s functional testing services aim to prevent that outcome by verifying your products' features work as intended.


We ensure the application is responsive and reliable enough to respond to peak load days like a black Friday sale and can also scale to other future events like product release, acquisitions, new clients, regulatory changes and ongoing business growth.


Our Service Virtualization practice enables enterprises to quickly simulate and easily manage test environments for bringing high-quality software to the market faster at significantly lower costs.

Why Make Us Your Outsourcing Partner?

  • Qualified consultants
  • Value-driven approach
  • Process-Oriented Execution
  • Standard Operating Procedures and Industry Standards
  • ROI-focused, Iterative approach
  • Tailor-made tools
  • More than a decade of collective expertise in Product Engineering

Let’s Create Big Stories Together

We are your ideal partner to leverage emerging tech in innovative ways.

Let’s Connect

We would love to help you start exceeding your business goals. Follow the steps below to get in touch with us and let us help you take your idea forward.


Do you have a technology need, business challenge, or need help with a new business idea? Get in touch with us here and we can help you plan your way forward.

Project Analysis

Our team will get in touch with you to understand more about your requirements and do an in-depth analysis of your requirements.

Proposal Delivery

We will use the details gathered from you to deliver an in-depth (non-binding) proposal for your review.

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