Cloud Solutions

Our expertise can help you to migrate, redesign and redevelop any existing legacy platforms to leading cloud platforms.

Migrating Legacy Models to Cloud

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting reduces chances of any downtimes in case of a server malfunction.

Cloud Architect

With innumerable years of experience. We deliver cost-efficient, scalable, and fault-tolerant systems to businesses.

Cloud Automation

Reduce manual efforts connected with managing workloads. Get fast and efficient functioning of all activities through the use of various automation tools.

Cloud Security

Our pre-defined and managed security insights are designed to identify the accounts and resource of a vital role. Our security insights highlight emerging possible issues.


Through the compliance program, our AWS framework ensures the control of the framework in the hands of the customer. Mitigate the risks and manage with a strategic business plan.


Collect related AWS resources and provide the same in a predictable way. Focus more time on applications that run in AWS.


Optimize the cost by leveraging the flexibility and the elasticity of AWS by Actoviscorp. Meet the capacity needs with the right-sized compute resources.

Capacity Management

Our cloud resources ensure that business workloads are right-sized and cost-effectively. We offer to serve capacity management that helps control and manage the migration work.

Our Migration Strategy

We provide end to end support to convert your business software system to efficient, scalable, highly available cloud implementations.

Planning and Preparation

To study the environment and decide the type of migration required (Shift and Lift or if refactoring required in the application.)

Portfolio Planning

Mapping out the inter-dependencies between various applications and deducing a method to migrate them.

Migration and Validation

Applications are focused on individually and methods are developed to migrate them individually.

Modern Operating Model

Test out and update the effectiveness of the platform.

We provide you support you need from Assessments, Planning, Executing, and Managing cloud solutions.

Cloud Vendor Selection

Out of the number of leading cloud vendors, we help you to select the best match for you by assessing the business and technology needs.

Infrastructure Migrations

Our experts analyze and build plans that help you to transform and migrate your applications, databases to cloud platforms.

Data Migrations

Our flexible services take you to our analytical experts, who help you to turn your data into useful insights and solutions for decision making.

Operational Support

We don't just stop our support when your migration is complete. We're able to guarantee you 24x7 operational support from our team.


Once we fit you securely in cloud solutions, we can help you to maximize cloud investment by incorporating other cloud technologies.

Let’s Create Big Stories Together

We are your ideal partner to leverage emerging tech in innovative ways.

Let’s Connect

We would love to help you start exceeding your business goals. Follow the steps below to get in touch with us and let us help you take your idea forward.


Do you have a technology need, business challenge, or need help with a new business idea? Get in touch with us here and we can help you plan your way forward.

Project Analysis

Our team will get in touch with you to understand more about your requirements and do an in-depth analysis of your requirements.

Proposal Delivery

We will use the details gathered from you to deliver an in-depth (non-binding) proposal for your review.

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