Learn the Methods for Best Meta-Title and Meta-Description in SEO

Meta-Title and Meta-Description in SEO

If you are a blogger, then you must be aware that the work of bringing traffic to your blog is not easy. You have to completely optimize your SEO and provide quality content. We share different SEO optimizations tips from time to time on our blog. Even today, we will talk about one such topic for you. When it comes to On-Page SEO, two things are very important in it, meta title and meta description.
In On-Page SEO we do full optimization on our existing content and page from our side such as keeping appropriate keyword density, out linking and internal linking, heading tags, formatting, use of media, etc. These also have two things, meta title, and meta description.

When we do a keyword search in Google, then Google shows us links to different websites. Like I searched in Google, On-Page SEO Tips in Hindi, Google showed a post of ShoutMeHindi. In this, what is being shown in Blue, we will call it Meta Title, and what is being shown below, we will call it Meta description.

Now you will tell me that Meta Title was the title of the post itself. Yes, if you have not set the meta title in the meta title tag separately, then Google will show the title of your post. But if you have set meta title and meta description for your individual post separately, then Google will show it, as a preference. This is not the same as Google, but with all search engines. We will learn more about this thing in the next section of our post.


How to optimize Meta Title and Meta Description?

Like I told you that if you do not set meta title and meta description separately, Google will automatically pick the default title of your post and by picking any piece of text from your post, search by search keyword will show in results.

But in SEO optimization, we make sure that we will set the meta title and meta description separately and Google will show the same in search results. By doing this, we can include keywords in the description, which will improve our overall ranking.

Now the thing is not only to set meta title and meta description but also to optimize SEO. In such a situation, keeping in mind the things mentioned below, set the meta title and meta description.

  • Use your main keyword in both Meta Title and Meta Description.
  • Do not do keyword stuffing at all and keep it as natural as possible. Along with this, the description should be appealing so that the readers visit your article.
  • Meta Description and Meta Title have a fixed length, if your title or description is more than this, Google will not be able to show it completely. To check this, Yoast gives you an indication from Greenline and Redline. The green line means that everything is fine.
  • Try to put the keyword in the meta title in the front.Keep in mind, Meta title and meta description is the only thing that people see before coming to your website, if they are good then naturally there will be more traffic on your website.

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