Google My Business

Google My Business

In today’s digital age everything exists online whether it is to buy vegetables or to buy TV fridges. Everything can be done in online order. In such a situation, the person who was left behind in this race cannot take his business much further. Alam is that even the smallest businessman is in the race to do online business,

some are promoting themselves by creating social media pages related to their business, and some are trying to attract customers by creating websites. Your online presence has also become a Status Symbol in today’s time. People consider your name trustworthy only when they see you on Google.

Not everyone should have knowledge of digital marketing, nor does every person want to spend a few rupees in building a website. In such a situation, Google has given everyone the option as a Google My Business, in which you can list your business and the customer can easily find you online.Let’s talk in detail about Google My Business kya hai? And how can it prove useful for all of us?


Google My Business kya hai?

To understand Google my Business in simple words, it is a tool launched by Google, through which you can list your business online, through which your customers can find you easily and they can get information about you like – Contac Number, Address, Location are easily found. Along with this, you can also put some pictures related to your business and product videos. If you have a website or page, you can also add it with it.

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Benefits of Google My Business

In today’s time, if you want to be ahead of others, then you need to do something different from them all, otherwise you will always be behind in the race. Through Google My Business, you can easily share every information related to your business and its products online.

For example, suppose there are 4 people in your business with whom you compete. All of them have started selling their products at cheap prices but that is not an online list. In such a situation, if you list your business online, then people who search this product on Google will know that you do not know the other three people.

There is just need in this, so you have to be a little different from others and advance.You can reach more and more people, which you can never do by staying offline.People know about your business.People get to know you and your product easily.You can easily share a new product with customers in one click.Google Business Listing

Let’s talk about how you can do Google Business Listing?

You do not need any special technology or rocket science for Google Business Listing. You can do Google Business Listing with the normal Google ID. For this, you have to search Google My Business on Google. After which you log your account.After logging in, you will have the option of Create a New List,

by clicking on it, you have to give details related to your business.After giving all the details, you have to verify the account for which it takes one to two weeks and a letter from Google is sent to your address which you have listed.You must verify the account, after which your business will be fully listed and will be called Reputation Business.

Tips & Tricks

If you are serious about bringing your business online and are making every effort to reach customers, then along with Google My Business, create a Facebook page and share some pictures related to your products from time to time.Name your business as your profile.Correct details such as Contact Number,


Address,Location are very important.If possible, for the convenience of the customers, also share the time table related to your business i.e. at what time you are present and at what time.Hope you have understood the information related to Google Business Listing and Google My Business. If you have any question related to this, then you can ask us in the comment box, feel free.

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